About Southview Baptist Church

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Southview Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church located in Statesville, NC.

Established in 1971, SBC has been preaching God’s timeless truths for nearly half a century. Though times have changed, the Word of God has not and neither have the doctrines and convictions of SBC. Please see our doctrinal statement for information on what we believe and why.

Southview Baptist Church is a friendly and loving church with a firm biblical foundation. We are active in evangelism and soulwinning. We desire to be a lighthouse not only to the world, supporting over 50 missionaries, but especially to our community. We encourage you to visit us and hope you will choose Southview as your home church.


Our Staff

Pastor Larry Duffer

Pastor Duffer serves our Lord as our pastor at Southview Baptist Church. He also serves as Southview Christian School’s administrator. Over the last 45 years he has served as a pastor, evangelist, college professor, and church planter.  He has a burden for reaching the lost and equipping the saints for the ministry. At Southview, we have a desire to help families walk together with Christ, build lives on the truth of God’s Word, live godly lives, and lead others to Christ. We are a Bible preaching church that preaches God’s Word verse by verse and chapter by chapter. Pastor Duffer’s heart is to serve God’s people by preaching and teaching biblical principles from God’s Word that will change hearts so that we will be vessels meet for our Master’s use. It would be a blessing to us if you would visit us for one of our services.

Email: duffer_ap@yahoo.com Phone 704-657-3826

Music Director Brian Moffitt

Youth Pastor Garrett Conley


Southview Baptist Church has many ministries that help edify the believer and evangelize the lost. Southview Christian School is a ministry of Southview Baptist Church and assists families in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. See a partial list of ministry opportunities we offer below.

SBC has an active youth ministry, children’s ministry, senior saints ministry and safe & sanitary nursery facility.

Active Youth Ministry

Community Revivals

Senior Saints Ministry

Age Oriented Sunday School Classes

Weekly Soulwinning Opportunities

Master Club for Children

Mission Trips

Ladies Fellowships

TRAC program for Teens


Colleges We Recommend

Southview Baptist Church believes that a solid, Christ-centered education is important, and we highly recommend the following colleges. Click the logos to find more information about each one.

Crown College
Powell, TN


Commonwealth Baptist College
Lexington, KY

West Coast Baptist College
Lancaster, CA


Ambassador Baptist College
Lattimore, NC


Pensacola Christian College
Pensacola, FL


If you would like more information about Southview Baptist Church, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to provide more information about our church, our doctrines or anything else you may need!